My name is Dan Quiñones and my passions revolve around being outside, sharing attributes of others by use of a camera, and finding ways to live the most creative and meaningful life possible.

Appreciation for the outdoors was introduced to me at a very young age.  Hunting and fishing trips with my Papa taught me to be humbled by the vast landscapes that I surround myself with and to respect the natural world on a spiritual level, which I exhibit in my artwork.

Portraiture gives me the chance to introduce as many strangers that I possibly can to each other.  So many people inspire me day to day, and I use my skills as a visual artist to give thanks to those people and make their attributes known to the world.

I am born and raised in the Sonoma County area of California and spent three years in Santa Barbara where I studied photography at Brooks Institute.  I graduated from Brooks with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography and achieved the special recognition award there.

By combining my passion for the outdoors, appreciation for those who influence my daily life, and my artistic abilities; I will never stop evolving on a cultural and spiritual level.

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